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101 Things to Do...


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As you make your way through, you will see why our staff members get annoyed when people claim there’s nothing to do in southeast Iowa. This one publication puts that statement to rest as we had no trouble reaching that number. Take a look through, find something new and interesting and mark it on your calendar. We’re here to help you find fun in every season, right here in our corner of southeast Iowa. Enjoy! Mehr anzeigen
Welcome to a new 101 Things to do in Southeast Iowa! This year’s publication is in a new, revamped format, and we partnered with our sister papers of the Oskaloosa Herald, Centerville Daily Iowegian, Pella Chronicle and Knoxville Journal- Express to bring you a wider range of content. Their readers are also enjoying the same content you hold in your hands right now. Mehr anzeigen
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