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Market Reports Q3 2018

Office Report Bogota Q3 2018 Basic

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The office market in Bogota started the second half of the year with a positive outlook, with high commercial expectations for both investors and occupying companies. lt is perceived as an important economic activation. This event allows Colombia to continue being an attractive country for foreign investment given the natural resources, infrastructure, location and maritime and terrestrial connection with the world. Mehr anzeigen
During the first semester of 2018 the Colombian economy had a rising behavior, according to the DANE there was an increase of 2.8% of GDP compared with the same period of the previous year. The growth during the second quarter of 2018 was supported by the sectors of public administration and defense (5.3%), wholesale and retail trade (3.6%) and manufacturing industries (3.7%), with a relevant contribution to the annual variation of GDP. Mehr anzeigen

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