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Special Edition 2018

Veröffentlicht am in "Luxus, Lifestyle", Sprache — English. 52 Seiten.
Welcome to our exclusive (smaller than normal) printed edition MilliOnAir Magazine, where we team up with some very exceptional and talented people and brands who are bringing together a spectacular exclusive event to be held at the beautiful Bulgari Hotel in London this month. It is all about immersing yourself in Luxury, Opulence and Indulgence for one evening only, but then you can choose to carry on your indulgence desires when the night comes to a close. Mehr anzeigen...
MilliOnAir online magazine showcases the globes biggest influencers, entrepreneurs and celebrities, alongside new & established luxury brands. The exquisite quality and timelessness of the magazine keeps the readership high and ensures longevity of advertising campaigns and is viewed by over 1 million individuals per issue. With cutting-edge cross-media opportunities and global distribution, we offer advertisers tailored & effective campaigns. ‘’Bringing people + Brands together''. Mehr anzeigen...
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