Musée Magazine Issue No. 18 - Humanity

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Musée Magazine

Issue No. 18 - Humanity

Veröffentlicht am in "Fotografie, Kunst", Sprache — English. 302 Seiten.
Musée’s 18th edition, Humanity, delves into the elusive whole of the human race, what it is that unifies us. The 14 artists featured in this issue bring multiple perspectives that concatenate into a fleshed-out, vivifying and timely snapshot of who we are today. Bruce Gilden photographs the societal outcasts on the streets of Miami. Elizabeth Huey creates windows into the mind with her collages. And Harriet Logan elevates and gives patronage to the great works of photojournalism. Mehr anzeigen
Musée Magazine is a dynamic, digital quarterly and interactive website dedicated to featuring works by emerging and established artists. Sometimes quirky, sometimes sensual, always unpredictable, Musée moves on the cutting edge as an unparalleled photo-based platform. Mehr anzeigen

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