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RACA Journal

March 2019

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At both MCE and Chillventa last year, it was apparent that the supermarket refrigeration industry was booming globally, and a lot of money was going into R&D as suppliers far and wide tried to stay ahead of the curve. Many of the ‘upgrades’ had to do with compatibility with alternative refrigerants and optimising efficiency by whatever means necessary. But IoT, footprint, and usability also played its part. Mehr anzeigen
RACA Journal incorporates every aspect of Refrigeration, Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Environment, In-door Quality Control related to their use in Industrial, Mining, Commercial and Domestic applications. The focus is on the health, safety, environment, technology and engineering approach to the HVAC & R industry. This A4, monthly magazine catersfor the owners, consulting engineers and technicians of sector related businesses. Mehr anzeigen
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