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Romanceaholic Presents

4th Issue

Veröffentlicht am in "Romantik", Sprache — English. 26 Seiten.
Romanceaholic Presents a celebration about author Bryce Evans who is a mother, wife, and career law enforcement officer, Bryce Evans deals with a variety of people on a daily basis. With her days packed full of packing lunches, fighting crime, and taxiing kids around, she uses her nights to dream of exotic worlds and intriguing characters and bring them to life. Her characters are strong, and resilient, but harbor enough heart to make you fall in love with them. Much of the time you'll find her chatting books with her friends Mehr anzeigen
A special FREE! Magazine Romanceaholic Presents a fantastic feature for passionate book lovers. Each issue is Free *Special Feature Issues *Every 3 months its Coffee House Poets Live Writes * More Fantastic Surprises Make sure you sign up to receive each issue as soon as its released. Enjoy & Happy reading. Mehr anzeigen
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