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SUP Mag UK lo-res free to readers

April 2020 issue 24

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Prize draw to win a McConk’s SUP package Interview-Ryan James by Sarah Thornely Morene Dekker’s Amsterdam Profile-Stephan Lefevre of Redwoodpaddle (SUP) Doctor’s note By Rob Wood Maldive’s compact travels By Mark Rose Shannon eco-trip By William Bossman The Lake District SUP and bike by Rachel Towe SUP paradise of Tahiti By Jill Hall The Lady of NYC By Piotr Kadziela and Sarah Thornely Re-discovering Zante By Sophie Math SUP and Monk Seals By Genevieve Leaper Gear Shed Mehr anzeigen
SUP Mag UK is your one stop shop for all things stand up paddle related from our green and pleasant land. Awesome travel features, spotlight focus interviews, with the stars of the sport, grass roots level reports, gear reviews and everything else in between. To keep up to date with the colourful world of UK SUP hit subscribe and never be without your regular dose of SUP goodness again. Mehr anzeigen

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