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INTRODUCTION: Are you a Deviant? Welcome to The C-Word, the monthly written zine produced by Catharsis Exhibit-a semi annual erotic and experimental art and performance event. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Read our Zine for local alternative-lifestyle news in the South Florida area. From interviews, to photo shoots, from quizzes to confessions, and everything between; we are here to give more insight into the controversy of deviance. Want to write for us? Read the last page. Mehr anzeigen
Are you a Deviant? Immerse yourself in our world; THE C-WORD is a monthly zine, created and distributed by CATHARSIS EXHIBIT-an erotic art and performance event held semi-annually in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our zine covers all local news and art concerning the South Florida Alternative Lifestyle Scene. From interviews, to photo collections, to written stories and quizzes--make sure to tune in monthly with us for all of this+updates/behind the scene looks at our up-coming events! -C Mehr anzeigen