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The Paddler ezine

Issue 44 Autumn/Fall 2018

Veröffentlicht am in "Outdoor, Outdoor", Sprache — English. 147 Seiten.
Blaming the victims-Moulton Avery Paddle of Britain-Dan Smith The coach-Dave Rossetter Crossover revolution-Corran Addison The Farallon Isles, California OC1 outfitting-Phil Miller Peruvian WW-Steve Brooks Greenland SUP Canoe Focus=British Canoeing’s 24-page magazine Inside Passage completed Lough Derg, Ireland-Anna Howard North Sea crossing-Dimitri Vandepoele Moonlight on Moidart-Angela Ward North Seal River-Richard Harpham Whitewater SUP-Dan Gavere SUP-X-Tony Marsh Mehr anzeigen
The International magazine for recreational paddlers. The best for ww kayaking, sea kayaking, expedition kayaking, canoeing, open canoeing, SUP and rafting. Published in partnership with British Canoeing, all magazines are in excess of 130 pages and absolutely free. A 132-page printed edition is available from Mehr anzeigen

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