The princess of the heroes ( Arabic ) أميرة الأبطال Zum Anzeigen klicken
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The princess of the heroes ( Arabic )

أميرة الأبطال

Veröffentlicht am in "Jugend, Jugend", Sprache — Arabic. 145 Seiten.
In the distant future, between different planets. Where the inhabitants of each planet is characterized by a supernatural power of its own. The story begins with the invasion of one of the evil astronauts,Cyrone, of the earth where people are oppressed and abducted and sent to the planet Giants where he sells them.Also he killed the ruler and kidnapped the brother of the ruler's wife and her son.When the daughter grew up and she calls Mina, she established team the fighters to avenge to Cyrone Mehr anzeigen
This story is a fictional novel. Consisting of 21 chapter and 145 pages. It's a fiction melange between adventure, super-hero and drama. Mehr anzeigen
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