Behind the Front Door Volume 3, October, 2013.

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Behind the Front Door

Volume 3, October, 2013.

Published on in “Art, Alternative”, language — English. 42 pages.
Ruby Modine discusses her work and her passions for the arts. Also, a discussion with Henry Rollins. Artists William Monague and Michael Deragon feature their art work and Photographs by Peter Kelly and Blake Pope. More
Behind the Front Door is a new literary and arts magazine founded by Gish Moore of My Bed Independent Projects. Published four times a year, Behind the Front Door will feature writing and art by new, emerging and established contributors in their respective mediums.  Each issue will provide contributor's biographies, accompanying their works featured in the magazine.  Additionally, each issue will provide space to spotlight artists and writers who self identify as struggling with mental hea More
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Tags: music · art · painting · fiction
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