Cultural Encounters: A Journal For The Theology Of Culture Volume 12 Number 2 (Summer 2017) Click to read
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Cultural Encounters: A Journal For The Theology Of Culture

Volume 12 Number 2 (Summer 2017)

Published on in “Religion & Spirituality”, language — English. 82 pages.
This volumes essayas are based on the plenary sessions of our 2016 Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good conference. Paul Louis Metzger writes on wonder and the role of aesthetics in science and theology; Se Kim writes on church and science partnering via the work of AAAS; Rod Stiling invites us to reconsider the history of faith and science; John Walton helps us interpret Genesis; and Peter Dodson recounts his life as a believer and professional paleontologist. More
A ground-breaking journal offering a biblically informed, Christ-centered trinitarian engagement with contemporary culture. Each issue will address a variety of themes such as religious pluralism, racialization, materialism, poverty, the increased urbanization of the world, the environment, cross-cultural contextualization, sexuality, genetic engineering, post-modernity, public discourse, politics, and more. More
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Tags: church · religion · science · faith · theology
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