Malevolent Magazine #3 July 2014

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Malevolent Magazine

#3 July 2014

Published on in “Movies, Movies”, language — English. 104 pages.
Malevolent Magazine #3 July 2014 features Exclusive Interviews with Scream Queens Tristan Risk, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Meghan Chadeayne, Victoria De Mare, Dawna Lee Heising, Amanda Marie, Jamie Bernadette, Carly Capra & Donna Hamblin! Filmmakers Brandon Slagle, Stuart R. Wahlin, Johnny Daggers and Casey Crow! Plus, actors Ryan Kiser, Mike Sciabarrasi and John Thomassen. Artist Spotlights on Danielle K.L. Anathema and Eric Puckett. SPFX artist Alex Falk and much more! More
Malevolent Magazine is the monthly Horror Magazine featuring the best in Indie Horror! Exclusive Interviews with actors, actresses and filmmakers, Movie Reviews by SJ Lykana and Emory Slone, "A Day In The Life Of A Scream Queen" by Genoveva Rossi, Top 5 From The Bunker by Jay K and much more! More
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