Mining & Minerals Product Review July/August 2017 Click to read
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Mining & Minerals Product Review

July/August 2017

Published on in “Business”, language — English. 20 pages.
We all have ideas, and sometimes great ideas. Where we end up failing is taking our ideas further or applying a bit more mind power to some of our thoughts. In this fast-paced life we are all a part of, it is too easy to push our ideas to the back of our minds — and then promptly be forgotten. Reading through some articles this week, I really thought, wow, this is such a simple idea; why has no one thought of this before and, to another degree, how will we deal with space travel, which seems to More
02 Health & Safety Gases – of the poisonous and dangerous variety 08 Management The benefits of joining an association 10 Mining & Engineering Continued from page 1 - Belt up – conveyor belting in mining today 15 Sustainability Waste not, want not – waste management in the mining industry 17 Mining in Africa Namibia – an economy with enormous potential 18 Transport/ Mobility Lifting to new heights More
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