Mining & Minerals Product Review Mar/Apr 2017 Click to read
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Mining & Minerals Product Review

Mar/Apr 2017

Published on in “Business”, language — English. 20 pages.
Tanzania, a country located in east Africa and surrounded by Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique and Kenya. Despite being popularly known for its vast wilderness areas, the mining industry is making head way with talk of adding an indigenous mineral to its foreign reserves. In tightening its laws, government is showing considerable interest to stabilising the industry, therefore ultimately stabilising the economy. We look at current mining activity in Tanzania. More
02 Health & Safety Gases – of the poisonous and dangerous variety 08 Management The benefits of joining an association 10 Mining & Engineering Continued from page 1 - Belt up – conveyor belting in mining today 15 Sustainability Waste not, want not – waste management in the mining industry 17 Mining in Africa Namibia – an economy with enormous potential 18 Transport/ Mobility Lifting to new heights More
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