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Mining Mirror

September 2017

Published on in “Business”, language — English. 44 pages.
hen history judges Mosebenzi Zwane’s Mining Charter III, which has been put on ice, it will be remembered as the face of the decimation that has slowly been suffocating the South African mining industry. Zwane’s ludicrous proposal is not the malady, but merely a symptom of an ailment that has slowly been killing the once thriving South African mining industry. For more than three decades, populist ideology has fumed the virulence of the ‘us versus them’, ‘business versus government’, ‘capitalism More
Gaining ground After what started out as a dreadful year for mining and with the outlook for most commodities everything but bullish, there is a hint of optimism in the air as the year 2016 draws to an end. Eleven months ago the global mining industry was in the doldrums. However, despite the doomsayers’ dreary predictions, there were subtle signs of recovery. Gold and silver started showing signs of revival, and a few months into 2016, gold mines in South Africa... More
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