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Paranormal Hauntings Magazine

Paranormal Hauntings Magazine #2

Published on in “Religion & Spirituality, History”, language — English. 46 pages.
Welcome to the PARANORMAL HAUNTINGS Magazine issue 2. In this issue we look in the Famous Haunting of 'The White Lady', Give you the sites to check out to spot the Ghosts that stem from Jack the Ripper case and look at some Strange but TRUE tales from around the world! More
Paranormal Hauntings Magazine is a great place you can learn from and read interesting and informative articles. The aim is to cover all aspects of the paranormal and provide content from investigators from all around the world without the entertainment factor. The magazine will feature ghosts, haunting's, folklore, equipment, mysteries, UFO's, Big foot, scientific and spiritual sides leaving you, as the reader, to decide for yourself. Published and Edited by Charlene Lowe Kemp More

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