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Les Rêves des Notre Ours


Publicado el en “Literatura, Arte”, Idioma — English. 22 páginas.
Issue 1 of I Came Here Looking For A Fight's sporadic Les Rêves des Notre Ours journal. Containing poetry and photos by Aaron Kent, Emma Kennedy, Anthony Desmond, and Zach Jackson among others. Más
Les Rêves des Notre Ours is a journal for everyone who feels the need to punch the air after making it through another sleepless night. For people who dream of ghosts, but have nightmares about family. For everyone who counts the hours until that halogen moon penetrates their curtains once more. For those who never have a home, this is where your words can rest. Submissions: http://icameherelookingforafight.bigcartel.com/call-for-submissions Donations via Paypal: aaron.m.kent@hotmail.co.uk Más
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