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Live Union Company

Autumn 2019

Publié sur dans “Littéraire”, langue – English. 36 pages.
Let's start with the name. We wanted the magazine to have a name that reflected our goal: to feature people and places throughout Union County. "Live" has a dual purpose: we want to reflect the active, interesting lives our readers have. We want the magazine to capture how people live their daily lives. But we also wanted to play off of one of the elements of our community that draws people from outside the county: the live music that can be heard in El Dorado most nights a week, from MusicFest Plus
Welcome to the first edition of Live Union County! The El Dorado News-Times has produced a magazine now for several years, but we felt like it was time for more than just a redesign. We wanted to refocus our efforts and produce a high-quality magazine that features local people and places, the kinds of stories you can't get anywhere else. Plus
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