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Paranormal Hauntings Magazine


Publicado no e em "Religião e Espiritualidade, Televisão", idioma — English. 52 páginas.
In this issue we talk about how science is trying to prove the afterlife. We bring you Real Life Ghost stories and pictures directly from the Paranormal Hauntings Group. We invite you to think like a skeptic with Nadine and have thrown in a few think out the box suggestions for investigators! For this issue, I have included a few Articles from myself for you to enjoy and have interviewed The Dibbuk's box orginal owner Kevin Mannis on how he encountered this reputedly deadly box! Mais
Paranormal Hauntings Magazine is a great place you can learn from and read interesting and informative articles. The aim is to cover all aspects of the paranormal and provide content from investigators from all around the world without the entertainment factor. The magazine will feature ghosts, haunting's, folklore, equipment, mysteries, UFO's, Big foot, scientific and spiritual sides leaving you, as the reader, to decide for yourself. Published and Edited by Charlene Lowe Kemp Mais