The Sisterhood presents The S.O.S. Council ebook

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The Sisterhood

presents The S.O.S. Council ebook

Publicado no e em "Estilo de Vida, Literatura", idioma — English. 26 páginas.
Here's your chance to catch up on this riveting novel being written by Michelle Hollinger, publisher of The Sisterhood. As a prolific writer, Michelle is ALWAYS writing something. The S.O.S. Council is her unfolding novel that she is publishing one chapter at a time in each month's issue of The Sisterhood. Mais
The Sisterhood is a monthly magazine celebrating sisterhood in all its multi-faceted splendor. Each month spotlights women who embrace the most important sisterhood relationship - the S.O.S. - SISTERHOOD OF SELF - by living their lives fully. Mais
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