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BIG LIFE Magazine

BIG LIFE Magazine Edition nº18 - June 19

Опубликовано в "Стиль жизни", язык - Spanish. 100 страниц.
El LUJO es la búsqueda, la oportunidad de experimentar nuevas rutas, de encontrar lo diferente y no predecible. Un platillo exótico, una noche cinco estrellas, la última creación de nuestro diseñador favorito. A lo grande, siempre BIG LIFE. _____ Experiencing new routes, doing something different and unpredictable is the true LUXURY. An exotic dish, a five-star stay, the latest creation by our favorite designer: the quest is all. Always over the top, always BIG LIFE. Еще
We know that luxury is an attitude. Experiences that turn our way through life into something unrepeatable. Today luxury is the detail, but also have the time to appreciate it. BIG LIFE is a modern magazine connected to new trends, apps, social networks, techs and everything new to the future. Also to art and design. Without borders, our magazine is bilingual, so that everyone can enjoy it here and there. We propose to join us for experiences that will make you feel bet Еще

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