CANNAConsumer Magazine 2nd Quarter 2018

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CANNAConsumer Magazine

2nd Quarter 2018

Опубликовано в "Стиль жизни, Шоппинг", язык - English. 230 страниц.
In this issue we cover Desert Hot Springs, California, a known cannabis industry leader & home of cannabis producer SineCure, anticipated to hit dispensary shelves by the end of the year. The Recreational section explores the origins of the cannabis culture term 4/20 its celebrations across the country. In Politics, pioneer cannabis attorney, Dale Schafer, closes out his series on his travels through the federal prison system and, in Luxury, we get introduced to Van Der Pop out of Seattle. Еще
CANNAConsumer Magazine is a Free monthly subscription-based digital magazine with an exclusive focus on recreational and medical Cannabis Consumers that delivers convenient insights, informative articles, research, education, travel and convention information; attracting inquisitive, highly engaged digital audiences from around the globe. Еще

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