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Midland Horse Magazine: West Midlands

May 2020

Опубликовано в "Домашние животные, Домашние животные", язык - English. 72 страниц.
Events, Riding Club News 22, Dressage 24, Showing Shows 28, The Gaucho Derby 46, Bridleways & Pleasure Rides 60, Features, Veterinary Advice During Lockdown 4, 56, Equine Charity Needs Your Help 6, Readers 2020 Foals 8, 16, 30, 34, Supplements Advice 12, Dealing with Pain in Horses 20, Veterinary Advice Summer Skin Problems 32, Feature Young Rider Rachel Brown 40, A-Z herbs for Horses Part One 42, Tried & Tested 45, Bits in the Spotlight 50, Veterinary Advice on Bot Flies 53, Equine Products 55 Еще
Midland Horse Magazine's West edition covers all of the West Midlands and includes reports from events, interesting features, competitions, young rider profiles, training tips and also has a small section for Mans Best Friend. We cover all types of disciplines, even those not well known and are always keen to hear your news, results and interesting stories. Еще
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