Modern Model May 2015

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Modern Model

May 2015

Опубликовано в "Мода", язык - English. 52 страниц.
Cover Model Hailey Wright, captured by 218 Photography, is pretty in anything; Model Alisha Gilman leads a photo shoot that is unique and amazing; Model Felisha Nicole paints the town red; MMA Fighter Jay Gallaty earns his title; Body Painter Elizabeth Snyder of Seamless Body Painting creates human art; Featured talent Models Sam Hazelwood, Sydney Olson, Jessica Dawn, Luna, Allison Aeborsold, and Harriet Clare; Photographers 218 Photography, Taylor Made Photography, and MM3 Photography. Еще
A monthly magazine focusing on issues related to modeling and photography. Our monthly edition is filled with the latest fashions and trends, and helpful modeling tips! Еще
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