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Randy Vader Choral Plan

May 2017 Choral Plan (Sample Issue)

Опубликовано в "Музыка, Религия и духовные практики", язык - English. 11 страниц.
This issue is a sample of how the new digital Choral Plan will work. It includes articles from Randy Vader, Jay Rouse and Rose Aspinall. You can also view, listen and download samples of our new music to help you decide what you'd like to use with your choir. Еще
The first ever all digital choral music subscription service for churches. Ideal for music ministers, choir directors, worship leaders and more! Subscribers receive 10% off, FREE shipping & a $50 coupon. Complete access to all new publications from writers and arrangers such as Randy Vader, Jay Rouse, Rose Aspinall, Mary McDonald, Bill & Gloria Gaither, Camp Kirkland and Marty Parks. You will receive all of our new releases twice a year. Visit http://randyvaderchoralplan.com for more info. Еще

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