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Spirit Magazine

5th Edition

Опубликовано в "Вино и алкоголь", язык - English. 98 страниц.
Spirit Magazine 5th Edition offers insightful articles and interviews centred on the entrance of global beer brand, Budweiser into the highly competitive Nigerian beer market. it also serves interviews with wine connoisseurs and coffee experts on the wine and coffee drinking culture. Also of interest is an interview on the need for beverage brands to choose the right brand ambassadors. As usual, the edition ends with a catalogue of available beverages in Nigeria along with their carton prices. Еще
Spirit Magazine is the Exclusive Drinks.ng Expert Guide to drinks and a Wealth of articles, selected cocktail recipes, bar guides & more. Explore today & drink better. We also work as a full service media & marketing company dedicated to the Beer, Wine & Spirits industry. Spirit Magazine features new products within the drinking & nightlife community with stories on the founders, distilleries & breweries in the market. We will be introducing an Advanced Mixology section soon. Еще

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