The Roshua Review November 2015

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The Roshua Review

November 2015

Опубликовано в "Музыка, Музыка", язык - English. 26 страниц.
In the 10th issue, freestyles are wighed against the originals in honor of the magnituted of freestyle mixtapes that have released this month. Inspired by, NO CEILINGS! You either get it or you don't. Еще
The Roshua Review is an independent music magazine, first published in February 2015. Although there is a Hip-Hop focus, the magazine encompasses music from many genres. The Roshua Review mainly reviews albums, songs, and mixtapes from varying artists. There are also interviews with up and coming artists in the Atlanta Area. It is also common for there to be articles about artistry, the industry, and other focal points in the music culture. Enjoy reading The Roshua Review! Еще
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Тэги : hip hop · lil wayne · adele · kid cudi · 25 · no ceilings

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