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The Soultown!

Volume III: Issue 6 JUNE 2019

Опубликовано в "Город", язык - English. 32 страниц.
Happy Father’s Day to all of the fly papa’s out there! The summer has crept in on us and it is a hot one! This month, Chef Derrek shares a secret family recipe for chocolate chip cookies, while the youth from the Waterloo Writing Project share their creativity and original poems. Leave It All Up to Steve! Has the facts about the seriousness of pranks. Yours truly shares My Messy Truth: On Being Bored and Chillin’, the Innovative Extraordinaire reaffirms The Sankofa Vow. Еще
Welcome to The Soultown Digi & Print Mag. We believe in Ujima, which means to work in a cooperative manner to strengthen our families, understanding that the well-being of our families is connected to the well-being of our neighborhoods. Enjoy! Get your subscription now! Email us at! Subscribe to The Soultown / Send payment to: THE SOULTOWN c/o KABBA KREATIONS • P.O. BOX 444 • WATERLOO, IA • 50704 319-505-4020 • Еще
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