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Опубликовано в "Мир, Мир", язык - English. 118 страниц.
In the latest issue of TRAVERSE we visit New Zealand, Indonesia, Peru, Russia, Iceland and Australia with Colby Ellis, Jacqui Furneaux, Suzie Bostock, Mike Bibichkov, Gordon Stuart and the Traverse team. We check out the Red Bull maniacs in Romania, Olly Holmes tell us what it's like to ride in The Big Durian, Guillermo MacLean tells us what it's like to be squeezed by a complete stranger, and we see what explorers are doing to fight extinction. There's gear, reviews, plus much, much more .. Еще
MOTO. TRAVEL. CULTURE. Traverse is a motorcycle based travel magazine with a focus on learning from other cultures, environments and situations. It's about enjoying the experience. Еще

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