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Опубликовано в "Мир, Мир", язык - English. 132 страниц.
Issue 10 of TRAVERSE and it's Dakar time. In one of the closest and least compromising of all events, Australian Toby Price, took his second title with just one stage win, amazingly riding with a broken wrist. We have the usual news and great images from around the world plus travel to New Zealand with Colby Ellis; Russia with Yuri Kalika; Africa with Chris Foster; Mick McDonald takes us to Mongolia; Susie Bostock welcomes us to Ecuador; and Anurag Kakkar shows us the beauty of India & more .. Еще
MOTO. TRAVEL. CULTURE. Traverse is a motorcycle based travel magazine with a focus on learning from other cultures, environments and situations. It's about enjoying the experience. Еще

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