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Опубликовано в "Семья и воспитание, Семья и воспитание", язык - English. 356 страниц.
WILLOW is a magazine written by mothers for mothers. She is a sacred space for giving and receiving. WILLOW nurtures, empowers and supports women through birthing, pregnancy and early motherhood. Full of colour, culture, art, tips & tricks, stories, special offers & beauty. Part philanthropy, part entrepreneurial, part creative spark. If you are looking for a community to share your stories and experiences with. You've landed in the right place! 20% of every copy sold donated to Bumi Sehat. Еще
THE magazine for conscious Mama's. Willow is a sacred space for giving and receiving. To support, empower and nurture women through pregnancy, birth & beyond. Expert advice, womb wisdom & sharing stories, Willow serves as the modern day sacred women's circle. The Willow community offers this and more to mama's and a generous % from every copy sold will be donated to a chosen mama and baby charity. The magazine by Mama's FOR mama's who want to raise their bubbas's consciously and naturally. Еще
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