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Kosta Boda


出版日期 / “室内装修, 艺术” / 语言—Swedish / 148页
The Kosta glassworks – named for its founders, Generals Koskull and Staël von Holstein, Ko + Sta – opened its doors on 26 July 1742. Technology and expertise in glass have been refined here in the Swedish forest province of Småland ever since that day. Courage and determination have been hallmarks of the company and its staff since the start. Other qualities that have carried Kosta into the 21st century are cooperation, perseverance, dexterity, craftsmanship, inventiveness and artistic flair. 更多
Kosta Boda is crafted out of the soil of Småland, made for many and any occasion, defined by Swedish boldness and always an attentive listener in pace with the here and now. 更多
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