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Teague’s dedication to the sport of women’s basketball influenced the sport beyond Oklahoma, influencing the growth and change of the game nationally. Teague championed increased movement in girls basketball and led Oklahoma and eventually other states in allowing the unlimited dribble and repealing a rule which forbade shot blocking. In a time where there were few opportunities for girls to learn the game, Teague wrote a book, “Basketball for Girls,” which had three reprintings. 更多
Mrs. Bertha Frank Teague is one of the most highly regarded coaches in the history of women’s basketball. The late Teague is the winningest-ever girls basketball coach in the nation. The June 1999 grand opening of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame cemented Teague’s place in the history of women’s basketball, as she was chosen to be part of the prestigious inaugural induction class to the Hall of Fame. 更多
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