The Paddler ezine Issue 33 Winter 2016/17 Kayak cover 点击阅读
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The Paddler ezine

Issue 33 Winter 2016/17 Kayak cover

出版日期 / “户外运动, 划船与飞行” / 语言—English / 167页
Interview with Quim Fontané Masó; Hurley-Steffan Meyric Hughes; Coaching-Chris Brain; South Africa-Luke Longridge; Kenya-Glenn Richards; Nepal-Matt Cooke; India-Steve Brooks; Delmarva paddler’s retreat-Scott Edwards; Greenland-Martin Rickard; Paddlequest 1500 pt 2-John Connelly; Winter kayak fishing-Simon Everett; Ulster Canoe Festival-John McClean; John McClean; Yukon-Chris Paton; NFCT solo thru-paddle by Laurie Chandler; Paddler’s Planet-Christian Wagley; Cranafest-John McClean; kit reviews 更多
The International magazine for recreational paddlers. The best for ww kayaking, sea kayaking, expedition kayaking, canoeing, open canoeing, SUP and rafting. Published in partnership with British Canoeing, all magazines are in excess of 130 pages and absolutely free. A 132-page printed edition is available from 更多
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