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The Paddler ezine

Issue 40 Early Spring 2018

出版日期 / “健康与健身, 划船与飞行” / 语言—English / 162页
World Paddle Awards Sarah Outen interview-Sonja Jones Paddle Golden Gate-Roger Aguirre Smith Youngun Oliver Bunn Abyssmo-Jakub Sedivy Morar madness-Angela Ward & Adam Evans Canoe Focus-British Canoeing’s 24-page magazine Getting through surf-Jennifer H. Yearley SUP’ing the Kali Gandaki-Ben Longhurst The ice fields of Patagonia-Greg Paquin WW Europe-Oli Kershaw Outfitting-Corran Addison Gorges du Tarn-Mal Grey Greek paradise-Markus Stehböck 更多
The International magazine for recreational paddlers. The best for ww kayaking, sea kayaking, expedition kayaking, canoeing, open canoeing, SUP and rafting. Published in partnership with British Canoeing, all magazines are in excess of 130 pages and absolutely free. A 132-page printed edition is available from 更多
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