247 Ink Magazine (June/July) 2018 Issue#21

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247 Ink Magazine

(June/July) 2018 Issue#21

Published on in “Kunst, Kunst”, language — English. 170 pages.
Featuring Model L.A. Amore, Nissaco, Leon Morley, Robert Lasardo, GOran Micic Glen Middleton, Cannibis Cocktails, Joe Matisa, Lua Stardust, Christian Masot, Kevin Boudreau, Lisette Martinez, Nate Anderson, Amber Sophia More
Welcome to 247 Ink Magazine the #1 online tattoo magazine. Our goal is simple. We are more than the average tattoo magazine. Sure we want to bring you beautiful tattooed models, but we also want to give you the world. Each issue we want to bring you interviews and pictorials with the best artists around. Not just the same 12 people, but people from around the globe, people you may not have heard of but your favorite artist is loving their work. More

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