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November 2014

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Welcome to 24OurMusic! It’s getting chilly here in Canada, but our coverage of new and exciting acts from all over the world continues to be hot as ever. As usual, the musical tastes and artists that are in our content are varied and diverse; Zilos and Darja team-up for summer’s swan song with their scintillating pop hit “Summer Breeze,” while Andrew Foster shows off his “Science and Magic.” Australian queen Kimbra presents “The Golden Echo” while Mel Alston Jr. channels something sensual and se Mehr anzeigen
24OurMusic is dedicated to showcasing independent musicians from all over the world in every kind of music genre. We provide a service for all artists by promoting their music across a variety of platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and our website 24OurMusic.net, where we provide reviews, write-ups, and interviews, along with a monthly online magazine. Mehr anzeigen
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