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3ft Left

02 (2015/05)

Veröffentlicht am in "Fotografie, Fotografie", Sprache — English. 24 Seiten.
Hot off the processor comes the second 3ft Left. We've got shots from festivals, hanami, and the streets. Grab a coffee or hot chocolate and relax. It might be warm out but you'll probably want that hot drink while you enjoy The Climb–this month's fiction. Mehr anzeigen
3ft Left is a free magazine focusing on (but not limited to) street photography in Japan. More than just a glimpse of the Japan seen in postcards. 3ft Left(スリーフィートレフト)は、日本のストリートスナップに着目した電子版マガジンです。 For more information or to download copies, visit threefeetleft.com Mehr anzeigen

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