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African Mining

October 2019

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Negative perceptions about a country are likely to deter investment, especially if it involves a long-term commitment like building a new mine. Recent bad publicity about Tanzania and its president, John Magufuli, has created perceptions of yet another anti-business basket case, power drunk on the admiration of his people. Soon after his election in November 2015, Magufuli had the investor community eating out of his hands. Mehr anzeigen
Running with the bulls The mining industry is slowly shaking off the super-boom hangover. Although still in a slumber, the worst headache seems to be over. Despite a number of highs and lows, 2016 has been a good year for commodities. In fact, by mid-2016 a number of prices — with gold leading the charge — were on the brink of entering a bull run (a 20% increase from previous lows). Since then the gold price has remained stable, and although some raw materials have lost its lustre Mehr anzeigen

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