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Alliyah A

Sons of Africa

Veröffentlicht am in "Fotografie", Sprache — English. 40 Seiten.
The purpose of Sons of Africa (SOA) is to create a comfortable, safe, and supportive Brotherhood for men of color in the Haverford College community. We aim to provide academic, social, and emotional support to our members in the hopes of fostering a strong drive to achieve academic excellence and maturity as an individual. Mehr anzeigen
Alliyah Allen is a student photographer, writer, and activist. Her work deals with exploring intersections of blackness, womanhood, spirituality, and liberation. Photography and writing are merely tools--as Alliyah intends to use them as part of a mission to empower and give space to those who are unseen and unheard. Dedicated to art and social change, Alliyah hopes to promote diversity, culture, and justice with her professional work. Mehr anzeigen

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