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Arts & International Affairs:

2.3: Autumn/Winter 2017

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Arts & International Affairs interrogates the nexus between the arts, politics and markets through a global perspective. Situated within an international context, the arts encompass the performing, creative and visual industries that envelope the modes of expression in the global political economy. AIA’s interdisciplinary style is imperative to capturing the intersections between people, their creations, their services and institutions. Mehr anzeigen
Culture, replete with ritual, symbols and practices, is a performance. Culture provides the historical and mimetic links all of us as actors need to re-present familiar and disruptive tropes to our audiences – the outsider and insider, celebration and violence, comfort and catharsis. It is in this interplay between actor and audience that the ‘we’ of culture makes it performative storytelling with recognizable, if not new, cues embedded in the artwork. This performative aspect of culture might a Mehr anzeigen
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