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Asian Diver

No. 2/2019 Volume 153

Veröffentlicht am in "Wassersport", Sprache — English. 124 Seiten.
There is nothing so pure as donning a simple pair of fins, snapping on a mask, and chomping down on a snorkel bit before a beach entry into a silvery turquoise lagoon. Freediving is like a first love, the one that taught us how to move through this three-dimensional world. Together we felt the wonder at the profound beauty of life, but also learned that without respect, all is lost. In this issue, Mehr anzeigen
For the serious diver who understands the challenging lure of the deep sea, Asian Diver has become known around the world for its penetrating and unique insights into the world's richest dive regions, featured against breathtaking underwater photography. Read Asian Diver and join a community committed to preserving and growing the sport we love so dearly. Mehr anzeigen
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