Athletes Dream

REAL PEOPLE | REAL SERVICE | DREAM RESULTS | We have experience in placing athletes from all continents into the North American College system. We provide tailor-made and diverse career options for qualifying student athletes, enabling you to fulfil your potential on and off the sports field. College in North America is a life changing experience. We are at the forefront of the industry, and we are here to assist with your academic and career aspirations

Amanda Wood Volleyball OPP
Athletes Dream Amanda Wood Volleyball OPP
Markus Geldenhuys | Basketball
Athletes Dream Markus Geldenhuys | Basketball
Alex Mercier OPP
Athletes Dream Alex Mercier OPP
Tom Polden OPP
Athletes Dream Tom Polden OPP
Cate Gifford | Track & Field
Athletes Dream Cate Gifford | Track & Field
Blake King | Athletes Dream
Athletes Dream Blake King | Athletes Dream
Eloise Steer | Soccer
Athletes Dream Eloise Steer | Soccer
Sibona Dubazane | Rugby
Athletes Dream Sibona Dubazane | Rugby
Cale Hocking | Track
Athletes Dream Cale Hocking | Track
Emma Graham | Lacrosse
Athletes Dream Emma Graham | Lacrosse
Joseph Hodgson | Golf
Athletes Dream Joseph Hodgson | Golf
Keisuke Mafune | Soccer
Athletes Dream Keisuke Mafune | Soccer