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Bassculture Islands

No 4

Veröffentlicht am in "Kunst", Sprache — English. 152 Seiten.
Feat. Ray Traboulay (TnT), Kwesi Marcano (TnT), Kenwyn Murray (TnT), Liselotte Wijma (NL), Ziggi Recado (NL), Joanna Zalech (PL), Kerron Riley (TnT), Rawle Permanand (TnT), Sian McIntosh (TnT), Christopher Guinness (TnT). Mehr anzeigen
Art. Music. Style. Arts and culture magazine that features work of established and upcoming contemporary artists, in all mediums including traditional, digital, sculpture, photography and music. Linking the Caribbean and Europe. The purpose of the magazine is to impress, inspire and uplift through exposure to visuals. It promotes the belief that visuals can change our mood, become inspiration, trigger creativity. Mehr anzeigen

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