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Biometric Technology

Benefits of Iris Recognition

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Benefits of iris recognition What is the “Iris? The colored section of the eye is known as the iris. • Accuracy: Most accurate biometric modality • Stability The iris pattern remain unchanged throughout the lifetime • Hygiene Much more hygienic than other available modalities. • Speed Small template size facilitates fast matching. • Popularity/Acceptance Most popular and recognizable biometric technologies Mehr anzeigen
Good News !! Biometric SDK for PHP solutions are available in the market, you just need to find out the best out of thousands. Based on accuracy, speed, and affordability, here we enlist some biometric SDK solutions for PHP language. Bio-Plugin™ - Biometric SDK Key Features • It doesn’t require high-level development work that required from low-level biometric SDK solutions. • Bio-Plugin™ SDK allows developers to rapidly integrate multi-modal biometric software for identification • It support Mehr anzeigen
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