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Black Heart Magazine

Mar. 2015

Veröffentlicht am in "Mode, Mode", Sprache — English. 78 Seiten.
In this issue we catch up with the latest in fashion as well as getting to know the OutOfGidi brand – a fast growing brand of initiatives based in Canada. We also take a quick look at the best dressed at the 57th Grammy Awards as well as the products of Kanye's new collaboration with Adidas. Mehr anzeigen
An online magazine that's meant to inspire young members of the public to chase their dreams. Every issue has a youth on the front cover that's doing something inspirational and then inside the mag, whoever is on the front cover gets a spread page inside the magazine where they have their picture(s) & they're interviewed and the interview is posted in the spread page as well. It's an opportunity for the person to sell them self or their work to the readers. Many more stuff included in the mag! Mehr anzeigen

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