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Fashion Special - Dec 2019

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+++ BACK TO VOGUE: Rich Tradition Embraces Exquisite Fashion How Zoylaykha Sherzad, Founder of Zarif, Is Taking AFG to the World +Profiles of 15+ Fashion Brands +Culture Meets Fashion +Designer by Passion; Entrepreneur by Practice +How Design Happens +The Wonders of Little Gems: True Treasures of Afghanistan +Afghanistan in 2019 +Leave No One Behind: Social Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan +German-Based Family Long to Empower Silk Weavers in Afghanistan +Asia's Economic Crossroad & more... Mehr anzeigen
Business DNA is Afghanistan’s grand business magazine, bringing you entrepreneurial stories, business intelligence, economic research and analysis, investment opportunities, and management best practices in print & digital editions from the heart of Afghanistan in Kabul. Business DNA is your ultimate go-to source for data, information, and advice on doing business in the country. Our special editions tackle specific topics and industries. Mehr anzeigen