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Vol 17 Flower Photography

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Flowers are one of the finest workmanship of nature. The infrangible bond between light and flowers has been depicted marvelously by Jeanine Sparla. Her photography gives a glimpse of the magic that is created when the light is effectively used while capturing the floral pulchritude. Panos Laskarakisâ photography takes you through the different phases of wildlife, landscape and tribal photography. Mehr anzeigen
Chiiz is a set podium for crackerjacks to come forward and showcase their visual aptitude in a way that they can learn more, explore more and at the same time groove and enjoy more. Chiiz relates to the phrase “VENI VIDI CEPI” which says I came I saw I captured. Chiiz is a one-for-all-all-for-one portal designed for multi-user purpose. One can choose its type (photographer, model, stylist, photo studio, photography club, service providers or visitor) to get fringe benefits and associate with di Mehr anzeigen

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