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CPABC in Focus

July/August 2015

Veröffentlicht am in "Business, Business", Sprache — English. 44 Seiten.
In this issue: establishment of CPABC on June 24, 2015, highlights of the CPA Act in British Columbia, and use of the CPA designation by members. Also, overview of the eight development regions in BC in CPABC's Regional Check-up reports. Member profile on Al Esmail, CPA, CGA and member announcements, upcoming professional development opportunities and events. Mehr anzeigen
Published six times a year, CPABC in Focus is distributed to more than 34,000 legacy members and students. Each issue focuses on professional matters facing the accounting profession, ranging from taxation and changes to standards, to ethical dilemmas and a broad variety other topical subjects. CPABC in Focus provides an essential resource to the professionals who make the strategic business decisions in BC and beyond. Mehr anzeigen
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